SurveyorTech – enabling loss adjusters to quickly respond to claims remotely

When it comes to making a claim, your clients expect an outstanding customer experience with a fast guided customer journey.

Clients just want to resolve their issue as quickly as possible so they can get on with their life.

Remote video claims assessments are a powerful tool to have in your proposition as they can shorten the claim lifecycle, improve adjuster efficiency whilst also reducing costs and carbon footprint.

How SurveyorTech works for Remote Property Insurance Claims

SurveyorTech enables your adjusters to quickly respond to a claims notification by inviting the client to a claims survey using a secure link generated in the SurveyorTech Portal.

At the agreed time, the client just needs to click on the link and the survey session will open in their mobile phone’s browser.

The remote claims survey will commence once the adjuster clicks into the survey session in the SurveyorTech portal.

When the remote survey starts, the client and adjuster can see each other but in the SurveyorTech portal, the adjuster can also see what the clients rear mobile camera is pointing at.

This makes it easy for the client to show the adjuster the damage and discuss the circumstances.

The adjuster can capture images, record video, take notes and annotate observations in images. 

If the adjuster has subscribed to the SurveyorTech Pro plan a branded written report with embedded images and video can be completed during the video call.

All images and video are time, date and GPS stamped to help identify fraud.  A GPS pin is attached to each image and when clicked on opens the Google Maps location in a new browser window.

Once the remote claims assessment has ended, the adjuster can refine the survey and also upload other images or video that may support the assessment such as:

  • Copies of receipts
  • Inspection certificates
  • Images or video provided by the client
  • A floor plan which can be linked to specific images or video

Once the adjuster is happy with the survey it can be published.

A read-only survey and shareable link which is viewable in a browser that could be shared with your stakeholders such as the broker or underwriter.

SurveyorTech Cost

The SurveyorTech Standard package is affordably priced at just £50 exc VAT per user, per month and includes:

  • Unlimited Remote Surveys
    • On-premises surveys are also included – so you can create virtual tours too
  • No hidden video call costs or additional fee’s
  • No long-term contract commitments simply pay each month and cancel anytime
  • Unlimited survey sharing
  • 100gb storage per user, per annum. Additional storage can be made available for a small increase in your monthly fee

SurveyorTech Pro* is priced at £97 exc VAT per user, per month and includes all of the above but enables you to create unlimited branded report claims templates for use in your claims surveys.

*Deals are available for a high volume of users.

If you’d like to find out more contact SurveyorTech

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