How to Conduct Remote Surveys with SurveyorTech

The current Covid crisis can make visiting a client’s premises or site a challenge.
Covid aside, a client visit may not always make economic sense:

  • Your client is too far away
  • The earnings for the client are too low for a visit; or
  • You just need a quick inspection of something and don’t want to waste too much time on it.

Or you just want to reduce your carbon footprint.

You could use Microsoft Teams or other applications like Skype or Zoom but this can be clunky, for example:

  • You still need to unravel your notes, recorded video and images at the end of the meeting and organise them into a document
  • The output can be a large file that needs to be stored somewhere
  • Large files may be inconvenient for your client to receive

SurveyorTech makes this process seamless whilst saving you and your clients time.

How Does a SurveyorTech Remote Survey work?

Here is a 2-minute video on how both the SurveyorTech on-premise and remote surveys work.

Here is the remote surveying process outlined in the video:

  • Head to the SurveyorTech portal
  • Schedule a live streaming session and share a link with the person who will be on site
  • At the scheduled time, your client can join the live stream via the SurveyorTech app and you can guide them around the premises to show you what you need to see.
  • You can see what the client points their mobile device at in the SurveyorTech portal
  • At any point you can capture images, add notes to the survey and capture short video bursts.
  • When you’re finished, end the session, the recording, and data you’ve captured will be saved to your portal – ready for further notes and annotations to be added and enhanced.
  • The completed survey can be shared securely with stakeholders.

It’s that easy.

How much does SurveyorTech Cost?

Pricing starts at just £50 per month per user plus VAT and supports unlimited live stream surveys!

The downloading and use of the SurveyorTech App for your clients is FREE and requires no registration or log-in.

We also include our on-premise surveying solution in the same price, which also supports unlimited surveys!

Why Use SurveyorTech for Remote Surveys?

There are a number of reasons why SurveyorTech should be considered for your remote inspection needs:

  • Save time and expense with more remote meetings.
  • Provide a better service to smaller clients where a visit is just not cost effective to:
    • Check out their premises
    • See how they are adhering to your advice and risk improvements; and
    • Spot opportunities to add more value.
  • Combine both SurveyorTech‘s on-premise and remote surveys to build up the data on your client’s premises and risks over time.
  • All survey data is stored securely in the Cloud and hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • Remote surveys are easy to share using a secure sharing code.
  • Recipients of a shared survey won’t need to host SurveyorTech data, it is accessed via the SurveyorTech portal.
  • Software Solved (the developers behind SurveyorTech) are also Microsoft Gold Partners and hold the ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management so you can be confident your data is in safe hands.

What’s coming next for SurveyorTech Remote Surveys?

  • One to many live streams so that multiple stakeholders can contribute to the survey
  • The ability to create risk fact finds or Health and Safety or Risk Management templates that can be combined with images, annotations and video during or after a remote live stream survey.
  • The option for either you or your client to upload other multi-media files such as other images, documents and video to support a video stream survey either before, during or after the live stream has ended.
  • Reinforce brand awareness with your clients by choosing to have a white label, branded version of the SurveyorTech App on the App Store.

SurveyorTech can also be flexible based on your needs.  

Either buy SurveyorTech and use it straight out of the box or talk to me about a custom remote surveying solution that uses SurveyorTech as the base platform with the option to integrate with your existing workflow, software and data systems

If you want to find out more, you can register your interest on the SurveyorTech website or connect with me on LinkedIn to set up a video call to discuss.

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