How SurveyorTech Can Support Remote Residential Property Inspections

If you are a landlord a rental property inspection is essential to protecting the value of your investment and ensuring the property is safe to live in. 

Regular property inspections can identify problems with both tenants and properties before they become a major issue, therefore helping to reduce maintenance costs and minimising the possibility of expensive court cases.

But not many tenants like someone wandering around their home and if you manage lots of properties getting around them all can be time intensive and costly.

Why not enhance your service to tenants by offering a remote inspection service whilst reducing your costs and carbon footprint?

How SurveyorTech works for Remote Residential Property Inspections

Here’s how it works:

Once you have agreed a convenient time and date with your tenant you can invite them to a survey using a secure link generated in the SurveyorTech Portal.

At the agreed time, the tenant just needs to click on the link and the survey session will open in their mobile phone’s browser.

The remote survey will commence once you click into the survey session in the SurveyorTech portal.

During the video call, you can direct the tenant to point their mobile phone’s camera at what you want to see.

You can capture images, record video, take notes and annotate observations in images. 

If you subscribe to SurveyorTech Pro, you can complete a branded written report with embedded images and video during the video call.

All images and video are time, date and GPS stamped to help identify fraud. A GPS pin is attached to each image and when clicked on click opens the Google Maps location in a new browser window.

This is also a very useful risk management tool which can support your legal defence should something go wrong, or a tenant alleges negligence.

Once you have ended the remote survey, you can finalise your notes, annotations and report.

If you have other images or video that supports the survey, these can also be uploaded to the SurveyorTech portal. 

Examples could be:

  • A floor plan – very useful for linking images and video’s highlighting snags or issues to the exact location within the property
  • Inspection Certificates
  • Images or video provided by the tenant

Once you are happy with the survey, you can publish it. 

This creates a read-only survey and shareable link which is viewable in a browser that could be shared with your stakeholders such as the tenant or your maintenance team. 

SurveyorTech Cost

The SurveyorTech Standard package is affordably priced at just £50 exc VAT per user per month and includes: 

  • Unlimited Remote Surveys 
  • On-premises surveys are also included – so you can create virtual tours too
  • No hidden video call costs or additional fee’s
  • No long-term contract commitments simply pay each month and cancel anytime
  • Unlimited survey sharing
  • 100gb storage per user, per annum. Additional storage can be made available for a small increase in your monthly fee

SurveyorTech Pro is priced at £97 exc VAT per user per month and includes all of the above but enables you to create unlimited branded report templates for use in your surveys.

If you’d like to find out more contact the team at SurveyorTech.

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