Your Software to
meet Your Business Goals

Software tailored to your business processes and goals

If you need to replace a legacy system or you are looking for software to help you with something new, sometimes an off the shelf product isn’t the right option.  

It may be more cost effective in the short term but the cost of tailoring this product to meet your needs may be excessive and other companies may benefit from your ideas as your changes are merged with the product.

A custom solution may be more costly in the short term but in the longer term has the potential to provide a significant return on investment.  

If you have picked the right partner you will own the intellectual property, thus increasing your business value and have software that actually meets your needs improving both efficiency and profitability.

I work for Software Solved a leading software consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner with expertise in a wide range of sectors.

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Consultancy Services:

Custom Applications

We can develop mobile friendly applications that work seamless across both desktop and mobile devices that are tailored specifically to your requirements.

Mobile Apps

We can develop Apps that are completely tailored, working seamlessly with your current systems whilst maximising customer experience.

Customer Portals

Looking improve customer experience? A customer portal should be on your list of considerations. Provide secure access to customer documentation and digitise your customer service.

Chat Bots

Improve customer experience and free up your sales and customer services teams time by automating simple queries with automated responses, switching to a manual response for complex queries.

System Health Checks

If your business is running old or legacy systems, reduce the risk of disruption and costly downtime by requesting systems health check to identify problems, risks and predict future issues providing the basis for effective maintenance, upgrade or system replacement.

Data Integrations

We can help you integrate your new or legacy system with other applications or your data warehouse thus improving efficiency and reducing manual processes.

My Approach:

The Software Solved Approach to Custom Software Consultancy

If you’re looking for a custom software solution it’s likely you want a system that fits with your specific requirement and are no doubt facing the weigh up between custom built and off the shelf. Ultimately this decision should come down to achieving an outcome that doesn’t see you compromise on critical functionality and also provides the best Total Cost of Ownership.

Check out my video overview of the Software Solved approach to custom software consultancy.